Friday, March 20, 2009

BHS Is Back On Schedule For All Activities Tomorrow

Following a threat that was made yesterday and talk of an explosive device today, we had an orderly dismissal of students this morning followed by a search of our building this afternoon by the North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council’s School Threat Assessment and Response System (STARS) and some search dogs. I am relieved to report that the individual who made the threat has been identified and arrested and our building is safe for a return to all activities tomorrow. I would like to thank the high school staff and students for their tremendous response during this unfortunate incident and also thank our Detective Tom Fournier, our School Safety Officer and the Burlington Police Department for their support.

Please feel free to contact me at with any comments or concerns.


  1. Since the threat was actually for March 23rd::: will the students be attending classes on Monday?I'm assuming so but as a precaution I'm hoping there will still be police force and tight security. One arrest doesn't warrant a complete feeling of safety on the day of a threat.

    - Concerned Parent '10

  2. I commend you and all the staff involved at BHS for your handling of this unfortunate incident. The updated calls that were made were very helpful and informative and as parents we appreciate being "kept in the loop" rather then to be hearing rumors which can get out of hand. We feel extremely confident in you and your staff in any situation that may arise. The school/family communication system in Burlington is remarkable.