Thursday, March 19, 2009

Art Show + Wizard of Oz Preview Highlight Parents' Night At BHS

BHS was a busy place this evening during our second Parents' Night of the year. While the evening provided a great opportunity for parents to connect with teachers, we also had openng night for the 36th Annual BHS Art Exhibition and a sneak preview of The Wizard of Oz which opens next weekend.

The tin man, the scarecrow, the guard, the lion, and Dorothy wait at the entrance to Oz.

A self-portrait by Jeremy Dooley

Another Oz scene

A coastal scene from Maine done by Sara Martin (it is more impressive without the glare from the flash)

Our art students made our plain white walls into works of art with some blue masking tape.

We are excited to have so many students from our middle and elementary schools as members of the cast for the Wizard of Oz!

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