Saturday, February 14, 2009

Update From BHS Group In France

Here's an update from our students who are spending February vacation in France along with Mrs. Bransfield. Check back for more updates and pictures.

Before departure on the big yellow bus.

Our students arrived this morning and checked in to their hotel in the Bercy section of Paris. The rooms are typical European (very small). You can barely walk around the 2 twin beds that are already pushed together!

The group met their tour guide and rode the Paris Metro to Notre Dame. It’s cold, but the sun is shining. They toured another church, Sacre Coure.

Sacre Coure

Their tour guide, from Voyageur Educational Tours, knows everything about everything. She could even describe the story behind every stained glass window in the church. Unfortunately a couple the students who didn’t sleep on the flight fell asleep in the church pew during the description.

1:30 Paris time: The group is touring the Latin Quarter. The three seniors, Caroline, Lisa, and Jasmine, (who all speak French) and 2 other students are on a 1 hour lunch-break. For lunch they each ordered crepes, in French, from a sidewalk vendor.

This afternoon they will explore the D’Orsay museum (full of impressionist paintings), and then go back to Montmartre this evening.

Tomorrow they’ll visit Versailles.

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