Friday, February 6, 2009

A Post From Mr. Attubato On Scheduling For 2009-2010

Mr. Attubato

Thursday the Guidance Counselors met with their respective students to discuss the course scheduling process. Members of the class of 2010, 2011 and 2012 received the 2009/2010 Burlington High School Program of Studies and all supplemental course scheduling materials. Students will have the opportunity to discuss course selections with counselors, teachers, parents and administrators. The finalized course selection sheets must be received by Guidance by Tuesday, February 10th. Below is a breakdown of the process. We encourage parents to be involved in this process. Below is the breakdown of the process.

Mr. Attubato reviews the scheduling process with some students

Day 1:

Selection materials (Program of Studies catalog and selection sheets) will be distributed to each class (freshmen, sophomores, juniors) by their Guidance Counselor.
At that time, counselors will discuss requirements, levels, credits, new courses, etc. with each class.
Students will review materials and discuss their choices with their parents.

Ms. Diozzi provides a scheduling overview for students

Day 2:

Teachers will spend time in each of their classes discussing course selection with their students.
Students continue to refine their choices maintaining communication with their parents.

Day 3:

Teachers will indicate their approval for each student’s selection and level of instruction.
Teachers will make specific course recommendations if they are not in agreement with student choices. Course selection sheets are collected at the conclusion of the end of the day.

Ms. Smith reviews things with another group of students

After Selection Sheets are collected:

Counselors will initiate a thorough review of each student’s selections for accuracy and appropriateness.
Copies of selection sheets (including teacher recommendations) are mailed home for parental review.
If there is a question or concern about a teacher’s recommendation parents are asked to contact the teacher and the department head directly.

Course Changes

All course selections should be considered final. The program selected by the student in early spring each year should represent a final choice of courses for the following year. It is expected that students will give careful consideration to course selection so that they will discover and develop their special capabilities. Students who register for a year’s course have made a commitment to complete this course and are expected to do so. Should the student encounter difficulty, his or her teacher and counselor will be available to explore the reasons for this difficulty and to consider alternate ways of solving the difficulty other than dropping the course.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your son or daughters Guidance Counselor. Contact information can be found at:

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