Friday, January 16, 2009

An Italian Cafe Appears In Room 257B

Ms. Hoerle's Italian IV class opened a Italian Cafe yesterday during their 7th period class. The students created a menu of Italian favorites and Ms. Hoerle instructed both the patrons and the cafe staff that all conversation was to be in Italian. That did prove problematic for me due to my limited repertoire of Italian words. After grazie and ciao, I had exhausted my Italian vocabulary. Oh, I almost forgot gelato and it was a good thing because the mint chocolate chip gelato was quite good.

Thanks to Ms. Hoerle and her students for inviting me. I couldn't help wondering how many of these students will have a chance to work on their Italian next year when we send another group of students to visit Cles, Italy in the fall.

This is on the only restaurant where I get this type of a reservation.

Our waitress was accomodating despite one difficult customer at the table.

The host checked in to make sure that we were satisfied with everything.

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