Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Please Help With Our 2009 Post-Grad Party

The Post Graduation Party is one of the most anticipated events for graduating seniors. Since 1991, NONE of Burlington’s graduates have been involved in alcohol-related accidents on their graduation night.

For 18 years, the Burlington community has come together to host an all-night celebration for the graduating high school class. Typically over 95% of the graduates attend. The party is organized by parent-volunteers. Graduates check-in between 10:00– 11:00pm and the party continues until 5:00am the next morning.

An event of this magnitude requires months of planning and many, many volunteers. The party depends on donated money, prizes, and food. The reward is an investment in our children that pays back each year as the tradition continues to grow. This event is as important to parents as it is to students because it allows you to relax, knowing that your son/daughter is safe at a fully chaperoned, drug and alcohol-free party.

Please browse through the Post-Grad Party website to learn more about this exciting event and different ways that you can help.

If you have other questions please contact one of our Co-chairs: Karen Z. Sullivan 781-229-7951 sullivankzs@rcn.com & Don Flaherty 781-272-8949 swimnh721@comcast.net

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