Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Two-Hour Delay Today - BHS Delayed Opening Schedule

BHS - Delayed Opening Schedule

Homeroom: 9:30 – 9:35
Period 1 - 9:38 - 10:08
Period 2 -10:11 - 10:41
Period 3 -10:44 – 11:14
Period 5 -11:17 - 12:01
Lunch 1 -11:17 - 11:39
Class -11:42 - 12:26
Lunch 2 - 12:04 - 12:26
Period 4 -12:29 – 12:57
Period 6 -1:00 - 1:28
Period 7 -1:31 - 2:00


  1. [I know this doesn't involve Principal Larkin as much as it does Dr. Conti but I thought this was an appropriate place to leave a thought.]

    Being a teacher in the Burlington Public School system, I understand snow days mean changing scheduled tests, rearranging curriculum, and shifting around schedules. However, snow days were created for a reason - safety. Burlington streets were not plowed in time for students and faculty to arrive to school safely this morning. It is unfair to subject everyone to danger in order to get in a small number of hours in school.

    Basically, sometimes snow days are necessary even if schedules are greatly affected and everything must be shifted around. Many times I find myself worrying that Burlington is preoccupied about meeting standardized test goals and fitting in enough essays before worrying about the safety of faculty and students.

    Best wishes!
    - Burlington teacher and resident.

  2. As always, thanks for the feedback. The purpose of this blog is in my mind to have a place where students, parents, and staff can post constructive feedback. It is imperative that we hear from all parties their feelings on the job we are doing here at BHS.

    Having said this, I believe that all of the administrators in Burlington put the safety of students at the top of their priority list. While we may be guilty of poor decision-making in some areas, I firmly believe that we do not ever put student safety on the back burner.

    Finally, I hope that staff members with concerns of this nature will bring them forward in person so that we can work together to ensure that we are doing everything we can in regards to student safety. The only way that this can truly occur is for an open dialogue to take place. Superintendents do not just make calls on snow days in a vacuum without consulting others (i.e. DPW Directors, Police, etc.). Therefore, I reiterate the importance of bringing particular safety concerns forward in case there are areas around town where local officials are unaware of issues.

  3. I agree too. I'm a Freshman this year at Burlington High. There's such a large number of back roads and small side streets in Burlington. Because of this, they are of low importance to plows which is completely understandable. BUT..... often I find my parents unable to make it down my street becuase it just hasn't been plowed. I've talked to many other friends and find the same situation.

    ... It just isn't fair to expect us to get to school with 5+ inches of unplowed snow on MANY streets throughout the town.