Friday, December 5, 2008

Annual Banquet Honors BHS Marching Band, Color Guard, and Dance Team

Senior members of the marching band receive their awards.

Our annual marching band banquet was held this week to recognize all of our students who participated from August 11 through Thanksgiving in Marching Band, Color Guard, and the Dance Team. We appreciate the efforts of all of our students who add so much to the atmosphere at each of our Friday football games. As someone stated, "I went to see the marching band and a football game broke out."

We are quite fortunate to have Mr. Lovell and othe other dedicated instructors who work with our squad. Congratulations and thanks go to the following seniors for all of their hard work.

Dance Squad Seniors:
Allison Tait, Alysse Carew, Amanda Matarazzo, Julianne Gilman, Janelle Roderick

Color Guard Senior:
Jamie Maguire

Marching Band Seniors:
Cory Smith, Jenna Burke, John Carrabino, Abhishek Chatterjee, Kate Doan, Andrew Gilstrap, Alex Meier, Hemali Patel, Mathura Ravishankar, Krishna Soni, Danielle Swain

Students write notes to our senior band members.

Mr. Lovell receives a gift from his appreciative students.

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