Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guest Interviews Add Valuable Insights In Mr Field's Class

Peter McAnespie interviewed former NBA player and current Converse Executive Rick Wilson
Chris Farrell interviewed Burlington Town Treasurer and BHS Grad Brian Curtin

Mr. Field's Public Speaking class has spent the last two weeks on Guest Interviews. Our students have been fortunate to have a number of successful professionals take time away from their work to come in an speak with our students.
We thank all of the speakers who took the time to speak with Mr. Field and his students. Those members of the BHS staff who accepted invitations from students to come in and be interviewed were Mr. Woodbury, Mr. Costa, and Mrs. Carey. We were also fortunate to have a visit from the recently retired Mr. Phelan. Non-BHS staff members who were invited in were Brian Curtin, Rick Wilson, Gen O'Neill, Kevin Farrell and BHS junior Kevin Barrucci.
Thanks to BHS Alum Maureen Maranian for arranging Rick Wilson's visit. I would also like to thank Jatin Chitoor for inviting me to be interviewed.

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