Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Technology: What Do We Really Need To Prepare Our Students Adequately?

The simple acquisition of more PC's is no longer sufficient to ensure that we have the "technology" that we need in a school. The presentation by Dr. Charles Swaim of Eperitus, hosted by our Superintendent (Dr. Conti), last Thursday clearly illustrated this point.

In fact technology is changing so fast that a plan we outline today may be obsolete in a very short time. I strongly encourage anyone with an interest in BHS or the Burlington Public Schools to go to the post on the Superintendent's Blog on our recent Technology Night to read more on this important topic. There is also a link to the entire slide show from the presentation available in the post.

The conversation on this topic is essential to our ongoing district and school improvement efforts! Please utilize the comment section of the Superintendent's Blog to offer your feedback.

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