Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mentors and 9th Graders Continue to Bond During FLITE

The opening ice breakers brought lots of smiles

The following is a message from the FLITE Leadership Team (Friends Learning Integrity Through Education (We are quite fortunate to have so many great upperclassmen here dedicating their time to benefit our incoming 9th graders):

Great news, everything went well today in our FLITE meetings, things went smoother and we even saw freshman smiling more than a few times. The freshmen came up to the cafeteria and they met with their mentors in groups of two mentors and their freshmen. Most groups seemed to be working well together.
The cafeteria was filled with 9th graders and their mentors
Just keeping you all in the loop. Thanks to the administration for the support (when you guys walk around and observe, the freshmen feel the need to be more attentive to their mentors), and thank you to guidance for letting the senior mentors get their college discussion time in after the FLITE meetings were over.

Overall good day, we got lots of important feedback and the leadership team is about to fly into action (no pun intended) and get some fun things going for FLITE.

~The Leadership Team

Friends Learning Integrity Through Education

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