Friday, October 31, 2008

Adams Scholarships Awarded to 72 Members of BHS Class of 2009

Recipients Receive Free State College or University Tuition

MALDEN - Nearly 17,500 students in the class of 2009 were notified this week that they have qualified to receive the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship, the state's largest merit-based scholarship program.

A total of 17,469 students from the class of 2009 received the scholarship, an increase of nearly 500 students over last year. Eligibility is based on performance on the English language arts and Math MCAS exams. Students must score Advanced on one exam and either Proficient or Advanced on the second exam, as well as score within the top 25 percent of students in their district. Students must also be permanent legal Massachusetts residents.

"The Adams Scholarship represents the level of academic excellence and college and career preparation we want all students to aspire to," said Education Commissioner Mitchell Chester. "I commend the recipients for their hard work, commitment and achievement."
Education Secretary Paul Reville agreed.

"Congratulations to the students and their teachers for the work that led to this outstanding award," said Secretary Reville. "As these students move into college, we celebrate their success and urge them to bring the same diligence and persistence to higher education."
Recipients of the Adams Scholarship receive free tuition at any Massachusetts public college or university. The tuition waiver remains in effect for eight consecutive semesters or four years. Recipients must begin to use the waiver in the first fall semester following their high school graduation, and must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better throughout the time of the waiver. The scholarship does not cover the cost of fees.

"If students choose one of our many fine public colleges and University campuses, they will receive an affordable, high quality education and be well prepared for Massachusetts' knowledge economy," said Aundrea Kelley, Commissioner of the Department of Higher Education. "We look forward to seeing Adams Scholars at our institutions next fall.

Here is the list of the 72 BHS students who qualified for the Adams Scholarship:

Michelle Agahigian,  Kristie Bezreh, Shweta Bhatt, Jenna Bruno, Jenna Burke, Nicholas Candelino, Michelle Carpenter, Adam Cavalier, Ronny Chatterjee, Janet Chikofsky, Stephanie Chin, Danielle Ciccone, Paul Conceison, Jamie Cook, Samuel Cummings, Brian Danielson, Deepjyoti Deb, Jenna Demone, Michael DiFrancesco, Rene Dignan, Diane Doan, Kate Doan, Arash, Eshragi, Shane Faria, Kirsten Faulkingham, Matthew Foley, William Ford, Kaitlin Gelormini, Sarina Gerardi, Ryan Gilligan, Brian Hanifan, Katherine Harrigan, Kimberly Healey, Scott Hickox, Jill Humphreys, Jonathan Kelly, Theodore Klesaris, Saikrishna Kugabalasooriar, Hope Landry, Kristina Langill, Cindy Luong, James Marchant, Amanda Matarazzo, Steven McLean, Bryan Meegan, Amina Meho, John Murphy, Ryan murphy, Vivek Narayan, Christopher Nunes, Katrina Osborne, Cassandra Papas, Ankita Patel, Hemali Patel, Vijeta Patel, Foster Perlmutter, Kristie Saliba, Sagar Shah, Danielle Shea, Abigail Sherburne, Corey Shuff, Shashank Shukla, Gina Shvartsman, Abigail Simmons, Krishna Soni, Laura Stanton, Caroline Sullivan, Danielle Swain, Matthew Trahan, Arjun Ughreja, Courtney Vincett.

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