Friday, September 26, 2008

What Constitutes A Useful H.S. Webpage? Mr. Murphy's Class Provides Some Answers

I had the chance to sit in on Mr. Josh Murphy's Web Design class during fifth period today and get some great feedback on our school's webpage. Mr. Murphy had his students look at the webpages of all of the Middlesex League schools and then discuss the positive aspects of each page.

As far as the BHS webpage, it was noted that we are the only school to have a Principal (and a Superintendent) blogging. In addition, the class noted the usefulness of our Guidance Department page, the resources on the Library page and the information on the Athletic Hall of Fame.

All was not rosy however in regards to the discussion of the BHS page. Items of note included the following:

  • No search engine for the site

  • No link back to the main page

  • There is not any contact information for staff

  • The school phone number is somewhat hidden in the top banner (See below)

  • There is no link to daily announcements

  • There are a number of links that have no content attached

I would like to publicly thank the students in Mr. Murphy's class for their constructive and insightful feedback on our webpage. We are excited to move forward and have our page evolve into something that people rely on as a resource to everthing related to BHS. Please use the comment link below to add your thoughts. We thank you in advance!


  1. Thanks for sitting in with us and listening to our comments and advice for the page

  2. what a good idea mr larkin

  3. Student involvement would be worth a try.

  4. I think it is a good idea that you have the web design class critiqing your own high school's web page.

  5. good work on the site. student involvement is key to a good site

  6. It is good that you take pride and responsibility in making the web page better and keeping up with the times

  7. mr.murphy's web design class is awesome!

  8. It is nice to know that BHS finally has a principal that actually cares what his or her students think. I thank you, Mr. Larkin, for listening to your students as well as putting their ideas into action.