Monday, September 22, 2008

Mr. Woodbury's Algebra II Students Show Off Their Fatal Hyperthermia Projects

Superintendent Conti and I were invited to Mr. Woodbury's Algebra 2 class on Friday and we were thoroughly impressed by the work that the students had done on a project on fatal hyperthermia. During our time in the class, we observed all of the quality student work that was posted in the room. We were also fortunate to view the presentation of sophomore Stacey B.

Stacey B. Presents (Photo courtesy of Dr. Conti)

Here is a description of the inter-disciplinary project from Mr. Woodbury:

The rubric allowed the kids to do either a 5 page paper, poster or powerpoint presentation that focused on fatal hyperthermia. The idea was to allow them to exercise their creative freedom. If they selected powerpoint, then they had to present their efforts in front of the class. The topic was very heavy with statistical information, the kids had to build graphs, read graphs, investigate case studies, investigate laws about these deaths and actual sentencing results for caregivers and parents, and most importantly formulate their own opinions about the research and case studies.

Prior to doing the project the kids had to complete two other small research assignments to prove they could use a search engine. They also had to create a works cited page using MLA standards adopted by BHS. Everyone of the kids in my classes from grades 9-12 had to do the assignment. Because we have access to computer labs I took my classes into the labs twice to make sure they were correctly researching data and emailing info and websites to their own email accounts. A couple of kids without computers used the library during their study hall periods. Everyone had access to the information.

This slide illustrates what goes on inside a car on a hot day

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