Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grade 9 Mentoring Program Formally Kicks Off Friday

The three R's that are spoken about in regards to high quality schools are no longer reading, writing and arithmetic. While there is no discounting the importance of the aforementioned three R's, the new model looks at schools through a different lens which focuses on Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships. If we ensure the presence of the new three R's within the context of reading, writing, arithmetic, and all of our other curriculum areas, we will then have the type of high quality instruction that we set out to achieve.

With this in mind, we have started a ninth grade mentoring program which we feel will help our new students etsbalish a connection to Burlington High. We feel strongly and a great deal of research suggests that students who establish strong relationships within the school will be more likely to find academic success.

Because our upperclassmen agree with this premise, a number of our juniors and seniors have been working overtime since last spring to implement a peer mentoring program for this year's ninth grade class (the class of 2012). Last spring, our teachers recommended close to 100 students from the junior and senior classes to serve in this important role. Following this students completed an application process committing to training over the summer to help them handle their new responsibilities. We now have 51 trained mentors matched up with 9th graders and they will have their first formal meeting on Friday morning during extended homeroom.

We are excited about the implications that this will have in regards to the success of our new 9th graders! I have included a few photos from our training sessions with Deb and Dana Hult of Core Trainings.

Mr. Sullivan needed training too!

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