Friday, September 12, 2008

BHS English Dept. Publishes Second Text

Our 2008 BHS Self-Published Texts

For the second year in a row the BHS English Department has created and published a new textbook. Last year, we had our first venture into the world of publishing when a few of the members of our talented English staff created a British and World Literature textbook for our senior English classes.

This year a few of our teachers who teach Junior English have added a text for our American Literature offering. Both of these texts allow our students to actively engage in their reading and to develop or expand skills that will be useful in their post-secondary educational pursuits. The cost of publishing this text allows us to have students keep their books and make highlights or other notes right on the pages of the text.
We are excited to hear feedback from our students about these exciting resources!
Here is a copy of the welcome letter from our new American Literature text:
August, 2008

Class of 2010:
Welcome to the new American Literature textbook!

This self- published American Literature text was devised with you in mind. Its user-friend­ly design allows you to read actively and annotate as you examine the included works by American authors. This book is yours to use as a study tool. We hope you will enjoy both its practicality and its economy. Most new American Literature textbooks cost upwards of $75.00. The replacement cost if you lose this text is just $15.00. Additionally, it weighs considerably less than a traditional literature textbook, another convenient design decision.
Since this is the pilot year of the American Literature self-published text at BHS, we are eager to hear your feedback. Tell your teachers what you think of the form and style of the book. Our intention is to create a text that is functional and beneficial to students. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the book and we encourage your submissions of student work for future edi­tions.
We look forward to a year full of great literature and engaging discussions.

Best wishes for an amazing junior year.


Karen Hallman, Shannon Janovitz,
Jessica Netishen, and Brenna Rose

English Teachers and Publishing Committee

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