Friday, September 26, 2008

BHS Activity Fair Creates Excitement

The activity fair drew a big crowd

The BHS Activity Fair was held yesterday afternoon. This annual event allows students to learn about all of our clubs and activities. This is especially helpful for our 9th graders and new students who have yet to see first hand the variety of ways to get more involved at BHS.
Here is a complete list of our clubs/activities along with their advisors:

Adopt-A-Class Grades 9 & 11
Sheldon Bishov
Adopt-A-Class Grades 10 & 12
Peter Halvorson
Adventure Club Advisor
Adam Gustafson
African Amer. Student Act. Advisor
Pamela Eaton
Alcohol Education Advisor
Matt Jackling
Anime Club Advisor
Alan McRae
Asian Students Association Advisor
Christina Chang
BHS Concert Band Director
Matt Lovell
BHS Marching Band Director
Matt Lovell
BHS Choral Director
John Middleton
BHS Jazz Band Advisor
Matt Lovell
BHS Marching Band Advisor
Joseph Cincotta
BHS Musical Choreographer
Leanne Reardon
BHS Musical Director
Shannon Janovitz, John Middleton (Co-Advisors)
Bookstore Advisor
Alan McRae
Chess Club Advisor
Jeff Hoyt
Our Champion Chess Team is ready to defend its title

COLLAB Advisor
Ben Lally, George Ratkevich (Co-Advisors)
Color Guard Advisor
Jen Agati
Dance Squad Advisor
Leanne Reardon
Debate Team Advisor
Katie Bercury, Shanda Hutchison (Co-Advisors)
Director of Spring Musical
John Middleton
Drama Club Advisor
Anne Ford
Factathlon Advisor
Callie Graham, Peter Halvorson (Co-Advisors)
FATES Club Advisor (1st Year)
Jill McInerney, Holly Potters (Co-Advisors)
French Club Advisor
Susan Price
Future Teachers of America Advisor
Rosemary Bransfield
Hip Hop Dance Club Advisor (1st Year)
Renee Dacey
Italian Club Advisor
Ilaria Hoerle
Latin Club Advisor
Rita DeBellis
Math League Advisor
Jean Saxe
Medical Careers Club Advisor
Tricia Peach
Model UN Club Advisor
Peter Halvorson
Multicultural Advisor
Pamela Eaton
National Honor Society Advisor
Ed Chapdelaine
Newspaper (Devil's Advocate) Advisor
Ethan Feinsilver
OPEN (Community Service Club)Advisor
Alan McRae
Poetry Club Advisor
Ben Lally
Robotics Club Advisor
Phil Vachon
SADD Advisor
Tricia Peach
Science Olympiad Advisor
Holly Potters
Spanish Club Advisor
Maria Walton
A few members of the Spanish Club

Spectrum Advisor
Stephanie Diozzi, John Middleton (Co-Advisors)
Student Council Advisor
Bob Conceison
Students Environ. Action Club Advisor
Jill McInerney, Nat Ladd (Co-Advisors)
Yearbook Advisors
Karen Hallman
Mike Barczak
Class of 2012 Advisor
Renee Dacey, Mike Barczak (Co-Advisors)
Class of 2011 Advisor
Abby Abbott, Leisel Smith (Co-Advisors)
Class of 2010 Advisor
Anne Ford, Shannon Janovitz (Co-Advisors)
Class of 2009 Advisor
Sally Andrews, Jill McInerney (Co-Advisors)

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