Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back to School Night

Our annual Back to School Night wrapped up a few minutes ago and once again I was deluged with parents who raved about our school and our staff. Having the good fortune of seeing our staff interact with students daily allows me to concur without hesitation.

Another Strong Turnout By BHS Parents

In addition we met the parents of incoming 9th graders for 30 minutes prior to their meeting with teachers and talked about some of the strengths of our high school. A highlight was the presentation by the Leadership Team for our new 9th grade mentoring program. The students unveiled the name for our new program, FLITE. FLITE stands for Friends Learning Integrity Through Education. If you have questions, concerns, or comments for our mentors please contact them at

While we typically use most gatherings of this type as an opportunity to brag about all of the positive things going on at BHS, we want to be sure to always have our eyes and ears open for thoughts and ideas that will help us continue to improve. With that in mind, I encourage you to provide your feedback on things that will make our fine school an even better place for our students. Please click on Back to School Night PowerPoint to see the entire presentation from the evening. Also please be sure to leave comments on any other information you would like to have from BHS.

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  1. Being parents of a freshman back to school night was scary. I think getting around the building was most difficult, my husband and I got lost several times. The school layout didn't seem to make sense to us. Especially the way the 2nd floor was laid out. We got great information from the teachers although it seemed rushed at times.

    Thanks for sharing with us.