Thursday, September 25, 2008

Assistant Superintendent Marchand Visits Mr. Whitten's AP World History Class

Administrative walkthroughs of classrooms are a daily occurence here at BHS.

Our Assistant Superintendent, Cindy Marchand, shared the following on a recent classroom visit that she made:

I was invited to sit in on Todd Whitten’s AP World History class on Tuesday. Through a "fish bowl" technique, students shared their thinking about readings from the previous night. I was impressed by the way students listened to the discussion group in the center of the fishbowl (a different group for each governance form). The connections that students made between the various forms of governance were also remarkable. To clarify or deepen understandings, Todd occasionally posed questions referencing current issues or events. It will be interesting to hear the connections students make when discussing the relevance of these forms to the development of our system of governance. How exciting to realize that someday our future will be in the hands of these students who are developing a context for the present, can think critically, and impact change.

If you would like to learn more about Mr. Whitten's class go to Mr. Whitten's class webpage.

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