Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Sod Day for Varsity Field. Is it Time for an Artificial Enhancement?

Our Marching Band and Dance Squad enjoyed the turf in Arlington.
They will have dirt and mud when they perform at home.

"If you build it, they will come," is the line that most people remember from the movie Field of Dreams. This line also holds some significance here at Burlington High after yesterday's soggy football game damaged our varsity field to a point that cannot be repaired fully until next season. For football games, this is not a season-altering issue, but for our soccer and field hockey teams this is a definite problem. It also creates a messy situation for our talented marching band and dance team to deal with during their halftime performances.

The big question that needs to be asked is whether or not we can offer the athletes in our community the same conditions that are now present in some other Middlesex League schools (Woburn, Belmont, and Reading). These communities have artificial turf fields that allow all of their sports teams a quality surface for all of their home games. These fields also allow for youth teams in their communities to have the opportunity to play on these high quality surfaces. There is a lot of documentation on the benefits of moving in this direction. Click on the following link for one perspective on the Benefits of Synthetic Turf.

A field hockey ball cannot be maneuvered through these ruts.

Our girls and boys soccer teams now face the prospects of either playing night games on this sloppy surface or losing their night games. In fact tonight's girls soccer game was moved to Lexington this afternoon, so our girls get to play on turf, but lose a home game and a night game in the process. Similar decisions will have to be made with upcoming games, depending on the field and weather conditions.

In regards to field hockey, it seems doubtful that any additional games will be able to take place on the varsity field due to the damage done during yesterday's game. Therefore the field hockey team will not be able to play any additional night games, including their senior night where the school community would recognize our senior players at one of their final home games.

Not a pretty sight for the BHS soccer and field hockey teams

The view from the bleachers is not much better


  1. I think a much cheaper and cooler thing would be a mat light for the wrestling team...there a really good team and will almost certainly win states while the football team is 0-3. An interesting issue none the less

  2. I think its rude to suggest that a team's record should play a role in whether or not they have an appropriate playing surface. All teams deserve to play on a field that is safe, reduces injuries and gives them the ability to play their sport to the maximum potential. A mud bowl does not allow for this, regardless of the team's record. If a mat light will help the wrestlers, they should get that too -- even if they couldn't make it to the states.

  3. Maybe Woburn can return the favor and allow our football team to play on their field while ours is being repaired.

  4. I apologize for the earlier comment. Its really just a matter of money and it would be great if they could raise enough for a turf field. would it be worth the cost to play sports that use the field?

  5. I think it is definitely time for Burlington to consider an artificial turf field. There is a lack of playing fields for all sports in the town. Putting an artificial surface at varsity field would allow ALL the high school teams as well as the town-league teams to use the field year round.