Friday, December 15, 2017

Burlington High School December Citizens of the Month


There are many positive things to say about Mr. Parkin.  Following him on Twitter it is amazing how many great activities he is doing with his classes. He is truly an inspiration to teachers  He is not afraid to try new things in his classes.  In addition, he inspires his students to work toward common goals and thinks globally to make the world a better place.

Rob coaches many youth teams.  He is a very giving person, dedicating his time to many.

He engages in political conversations and can debate his points while being respectful and will listen to other viewpoints.  I have talked with Rob on quite a few days about heated topics and I always fuel our conversations have been very productive.

In addition to all of the things he does for the global community, and for all he does for the students of BHS.  He is a truly kind co-worker and mentor to many. He is a most solid citizen and respected colleague at Burlington High School.


Joel has grown so much over the past (almost) four years at BHS.  Since his freshman
year, he has been a passionate learner of the Spanish language and of the people of the Spanish speaking world. His eagerness to want to communicate with the Hispanic community members at school or during his job(s) motivated him to develop excellent near-native fluency skills.

As an active member of the Spanish Club since 9th grade, Joel currently is one of the co-presidents and takes his leadership role seriously.  He spends time at club meetings educating his peers about service to community members, including Spanish speakers living in nearby towns.  He has been an active participant and this year, a leader in organizing donation drives for the More Than Words organization and YWCA Fia House of Lawrence Food Drive.

Most notably, he takes time out of his day to reflect with teachers and his peers about current events, natural disasters, and every day BHS activities.  He is a model to his peers on how to develop positive relationships with others.

Congratulations to BHS DECA Students

Congratulations to the students who won at DECA's district competition and are qualified to compete at DECA's State competition in March. DECA DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

There were 500 competitors from 10 schools and each student participated in various events in which there were up to 25 competitors. Some competed in team events, and others individually where they were given a business situation and had to develop a solution to present to a judge within 10 - 30 minutes. Some students also presented a written solution/business plan that they worked on prior to competition. This year, Burlington had the most 1st place finishers in BHS DECA history.

1st Place Finishers:
Ty Cannon and Dylan MacKinnon: Business paper - Advertising Campaign
Hussein Medhi and Billy Waisnor: Business paper- Business Operations Research
Sydney Baxter and Forum Patel: Role Play, Hospitality Services Team Decision Making
Ella Colwell: Role Play, Human Resources
Neil Bhammer : Role Play, Marketing Communications
Michael Winters: Role Play Quick Serve Restaurants

2nd Place Finishers:
Kelsey Ravanis: Business paper - Advertising Campaign
Sam Gillis: Role Play - Automotive Marketing
Malaika Mehta and Varshita Patel: Business paper - Business Operations Research
Sam Cullinan: Role Play - Hotel and Lodging Management
Lucas DiLibero: Role Play - Retail Merchandising

3rd Place Finishers:
Frankie Bonanno: Role Play - Apparel and Accessories
Danny Sullivan: Role Play - Business Finance
Josh Coughlin: Role Play - Food Marketing
James Hurley: Business paper - Start of Business Plan
Matt Roper: Role Play - Retail Merchandising

4th Place Finishers
Jeff Russo: Business Paper - Advertising Campaign
Colleen McMakin: Role Play - Automotive Marketing
Nathan Quinn: Business Paper - Business Operations Research

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Burlington High School December Students of the Month

Rutvi Shah is a senior at Burlington High School. She is an intellectually curious student who has embraced challenging courses throughout her time at BHS. Currently, she is enrolled in AP Literature, U.S. History, World History, Physics, and Calculus, as well as honors Latin. Her academic achievement has rewarded her with multiple High Honor Roll statuses.

Rutvi has used her years at BHS to grow and develop her passions. Experiences such as her AP Language and Composition class and her four-year involvement in student government have strengthened her voice and fueled her interest in social activism.  Her junior year, Rutvi organized an event for writing letters to victims of human rights violations and their governments, as an effort to encourage BHS participation in the global campaign called Write for Rights.  

Accordingly, Rutvi cares deeply about positively influencing her community. As the Executive Secretary of the Student Council, she heads the service committee, of which she has been a member since her freshmen year.  Rutvi has helped organize efforts such as a Toys for Tots drive and a dance with the local senior citizens. With her position as the President of the Amnesty International Club, she has also helped in leading a supply collection drive for Syrian refugees. In addition, Rutvi plans to coordinate several other service projects through the Burlington National Honor Society chapter, having recently been elected as its Vice President.

Outside of school, Rutvi has worked at the education company, Kumon, and has volunteered at Lahey Hospital. After graduating, Rutvi intends to sustain her passions in college. She is excited about the opportunities to come!

In his years at BHS, Sarvesh Sakunala has strived to challenge himself academically,  taking honors and AP courses, and has been on the high honors and honor roll for all of his four years of high school. Some of his favorite classes so far include AP United States History, AP Language, and AP Chemistry.

Sarvesh has contributed positively to the BHS community. Playing the clarinet since the 4th grade, Sarvesh is an active member of the Marching Band and Wind Ensemble. As a senior, he became a Clarinet Section Leader in the band, and he is proud to see the progress his section has made over the course of the marching season. In addition, Sarvesh has been in the Peer Tutoring Club for 3 years and is now a Co-President. Due to his extracurricular achievements, Sarvesh has been in the National Honor Society since his sophomore year.  

Sarvesh is also passionate about helping others and giving back to his community. He joined the Amnesty International Club in his freshman year with the intention of aiding victims of humans rights violations around the globe. Sarvesh has also been a member of the UNICEF Club for two years and this year was elected as Vice-President. He has volunteered at the Burlington Public Library, and he also has over 200 hours of volunteering at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center. During his third summer volunteering at Lahey, he enjoyed mentoring other volunteers as a Shift Leader. Outside of school, Sarvesh tutors at the Kumon Math and Reading Center.

Sarvesh enjoys studying the sciences, and in particular, biology and chemistry. He hopes to pursue biology at a 4-year university, perhaps in the medical research field, and he is excited to see what the future holds for him.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017